Power of

Detailed Insight Into Your
Fuel Tanks, Usage, & Storage

Take Back Control Of Your Customers’ Tanks.
Use Existing Field Tank Storage to Eliminate Seasonal
Price Spikes and Supply Interruptions.
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Quick and Easy

  • Installs in 2 minutes or less
  • No tools or technician required
  • Start monitoring immediately

Add Storage, Not Steel

  • Access unused field tank capacity
  • Conveniently manage tanks & storage
  • Easily scaled

Increase Margin Per Gallon

  • Fill tanks at off-season prices
  • Fewer stops/reduces driver overtime
  • Build efficient delivery routes

Win Your Market

  • Offer Customers lower prices while increasing your margins
  • Lower your cost for wholesale inventory
  • Meter customer usage and retain ownership of fuel until consumed

Connect To Anywhere, From Anywhere

  • Satellite & cellular = global coverage
  • Access the dashboard by web-enabled devices, from any location
  • Branded app for your customers to track their usage and tank level


Engineered by propane marketers for propane marketers.

One-Tank accumulates important data from your propane storage tanks, transmitting and consolidating the information for in-depth analysis.
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One-Tank Products

Tank Monitoring is only one piece of the puzzle. One-Tank provides a complete solution for your remote tank & storage monitoring.


Industry involvement in propane marketing associations, cutting edge technology, quality support and documentation.

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Your customers will benefit from One-Tank’s easy-to-use digital platform, Mobile App, and assurance of supply, which allows them to see their fuel levels and usage right in the palm of their hands. Its customizable logo feature will keep your company's presence, front and center.


At One-Tank there are opportunities to challenge yourself and learn new skills while working with other highly motivated people.

Made by Propane Dealers, For Propane Dealers

InSite specializes in remote monitoring solutions for the LPG, refined fuels & fuel-oil industries.

With over 100 years of combined industry experience, InSite offers industry leading SkyTracker Unlimited monitoring solutions as well as the One-Tank dashboard.

Combined, this creates the industry's first storage monitoring solution. InSite is 100% American owned and operated.

Your Technology Partner

SkyTracker™ and the LPG & other fuels industries have maintained an innovative partnership for decades, creating exciting opportunities for fuel dealers and their customers.

Now with One-Tank, the newest forward-thinking technology has been born from that forward thinking spirit.

The Value of Experience Passed On To You

SkyTracker™ direct to Low-Earth-Orbital-satellite remote tank monitors
were released in October 2005.

At that time, SkyTracker™ reinvented the remote tank monitoring industry for the refined fuels/propane business.

SkyTracker™ has continued to improve its remote tank monitoring systems to the most secure, dependable and complete data system in the industry.

Today, SkyTracker™ quality is second to none with an almost 99+% performance in the field and 100% in the back-office data collection and access.

The last 10 years have witnessed improvements in technology.

The next 10 years will see even more change.

SkyTracker™ V is poised not only to lead technology expansion, but manifests itself to resolve a decades old issue, supply.


See how we've helped numerous companies to provide their customers with cost saving advantages while also cutting their own fuel cost and optimizing propane delivery.

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